Tom’s Story: How ArnimaONE Helped Him Stop Juggling Multiple Vendors

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All-in-One Web Presence Saves Time, Money & Aggravation

We talked to a lot of our customers and we found that the average business ends up dealing with at minimum 3, usually 4 and sometimes as many as 6 or more providers as they go through the process of getting their company on the web.

Tom’s Story

This is the story of Tom, one of our customers.

Tom had started a small company in the Tampa Bay area and he wanted to establish his company’s web presence. So like a lot of us, he started searching for website development companies online. He found a company that he liked, contacted them, had a series of meetings with them and they decided to work together.

Now, the company he selected did not offer any other service(s) except for website design & development. They had an okay reputation but what worked in their favor was an endorsement from one of Tom’s clients.

As a newbie, Tom was not fully aware of everything he would need to get this site up and running. And, unfortunately, the company he selected did not take the time to educate him about what was involved and what he should expect during the project. The simply started working on his website.

Sadly, this is more the norm than the exception.

As they started the design & development process, they asked Tom for a business logo. He did not have one.

So the website project went on hold and Tom scrambled to find a branding company that would design a logo for him. The design process took several weeks and when it was finally completed, the logo was turned over to his website developers and work resumed on the project.

When it came time to setup a development website for Tom’s project, his website developers asked for access to his website hosting platform. They claimed that they did not maintain any website hosting servers and they always asked their clients to provide access to their hosting for even the development website.

Once again, the project went on a temporary hold while Tom hunted for a website hosting company. Now, Tom did not know much about hosting and his developers did not provide any recommendations or assistance with sourcing website hosting so Tom had to struggle with narrowing down a suitable website hosting company. That took longer than expected and left Tom quite frustrated. In any case, work was re-started after website hosting was established.

As Tom started to learn more about the online world, he realized that he would eventually need an online strategy so he engaged an online presence consultant who actually made many good recommendations. Unfortunately, these recommendations changed the deliverables of the project.

Tom went back to the website design & development company with these changes and was forced to re-negotiate his contract because they claimed that these changes represented “significant project scope increase” that would cause them to do a “lot of rework”.  Not wanting to delay the project any further, Tom reluctantly agreed to the “scope creep” and work resumed.

Next, the website developers asked for website content. Once again, because they had not clarified when they would need website content, Tom had to yet again scramble to find a good content writer. So, a content writer was engaged and after a few days, content was delivered to the development firm.

Stop Juggling Multiple Vendors

By this time, Tom had already worked with 5 providers and was starting to lose his mind:

  1. Website development company to design & develop his website
  2. Branding company to design a logo for his business
  3. Web presence consultant to put together his web presence strategy
  4. Website hosting company to host his website after it was completed
  5. Content writer for content, blog posts, articles, and social updates

To Tom’s defense, it came down a lack of experience and education.

Since this was Tom’s first web presence project, he did not have much of an idea of what to expect and, more importantly, none of the providers took the time to educate Tom as to exactly what was needed and what he could expect to have to do during the course of his project.

By this time, Tom was running on fumes.

Tom had spent most of his time juggling various vendors and because of that he was unable to devote time to his business and that ultimately impacted this bottom line in a negative way. He was so utterly frustrated that he decided to put his so-called new website on a long-term hold while he gathered his wits.

Here are the problems Tom faced during the course of his project that led him to start over:

  • Invariable finger pointing due to multiple parties involved
  • Juggling between different service providers of various competency
  • Dealing with missed deadlines, incomplete and poor quality work
  • Spent an excessive time managing the project on his own
  • Unnecessary toe-stepping and duplication of tasks & costs
  • The project ended up costing him much more than it should have
  • The final outcome had to be scrapped as it simply did not work

Fortunately, one of our existing customers referred him to us. We met. We spoke. We discussed.

All-in-One Web Presence

At that time. we were putting the final touches on ArnimaONE but we decided to show him how it would work. We took Tom through the paces and he liked what he saw.

We took Tom through the paces and he liked what he saw.

ArnimaONE is an all-in-one web presence system that takes care of everything a business needs to get their web presence established on the Internet.

All-In-One Web Presence by ArnimaOne

To put it mildly, Tom was intrigued.

He realized that working with ArnimaONE would allow him to focus almost 100% on his business while he left the task of getting his company on the web to ArnimaONE.

That made him very happy. So he decided to work with us.

He was our “pilot” customer and he has been helping us fine-tune the product and we will forever be grateful to Tom for his valuable contributions.

So, there we have it. Tom is working with us and we know that he will end up with a great website.

If you want us to keep you in the loop about the launch of ArnimaONE, please head over to and subscribe to our notifications system to stay updated. We will keep you updated. We also promise what we will not bombard you with excessive emails.

Have you dealt with such a frustrating situation where you had to juggle multiple vendors? Please share your thoughts if you have.