Paid Search & Social Marketing

With paid search & social marketing, you can get immediate visibility.

Paid search marketing is used to increase traffic to your website for targeted search terms by purchasing ads on search engines. Paid social marketing is similar to paid search marketing, except you buy ads on social sites, specifically Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other such social networks.

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Overview of Paid Advertising

With pay per click, also known as “PPC”, ads are shown on search engine pages and on other websites in the Sponsored Listings area and you only pay when a visitor clicks on your advertisement. Your ad only appears in response to certain keywords that you have selected.

All major search engines and social networking websites offer pay-per-click advertising and typically have comprehensive online interfaces for setting up and starting your campaigns.

Because a “click” can cost as little as $0.05 and there is little or no upfront investment, pay per click is very accessible to most everyone.

Yet PPC has its own set of rules, which need to be understood to get the right results. When we discuss PPC campaigns with our customers, we point out the subtle interplay between a number of different factors.

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Benefits of Paid Advertising


    You can create and enable your ads and have them online in a matter of hours: you get immediate visibility and start to drive traffic to your website with no lag time.


    There are no contracts and no long term commitments. You can run your paid ads for a few hours, days, weeks, months. You can start and stop anytime.


    You will be charged when people actually “click” on your ads. There are no charges for “impressions” when your ads are displayed when someone searches.


    You can build paid advertising campaigns, at least, on search engines for as many search terms as you need, from a handful to tens of thousands.


    You have full control with paid search engine advertising – you decide on the budgets, ads, search terms, locations, timings, duration and more.


    You can really drill down into the nitty-gritty of your paid advertising campaigns and figure costs per lead, per conversion, per sale and more!

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How Does Paid Search & Social Marketing Work?

Here is a quick look at the various options available for paid search & social marketing.


All major search engines offer comprehensive paid search marketing options. Of these, Google has one of the most extensive platforms. It is essential to take some time to study paid marketing on search engines and understand each one so you can maximize your return.


Paid social marketing works a little differently from paid search engine marketing. In this case, you are driving traffic to your profile page, place, app, channel, or event on Facebook or Instagram and not to your website. You can target the ads to get more “likes” or increase your reach by promoting specific posts. You can even get new users for your Facebook apps or Instagram channel. You can also increase attendance for your events.


Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn also drives traffic to your LinkedIn profiles as well as to your website. Since LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network, the nuances of setting up your ads on LinkedIn are different from Facebook.


Unless we track, measure and analyze the benefits and impact of the content we are developing & publishing, we will not know how well it works and what kinds of results it is generating. We use various tracking and analytics tools to measure traffic to the published content and we continually adjust the process as we go along. This allows us to create a “loop” that helps us improve what we do.

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Why Choose Arnima for your Paid Search & Social Marketing?

Our experience with paid search & social marketing allows us to set up, track and manage advertising campaigns for best results regardless of whether you are looking to start a pilot campaign with a few keywords or looking to manage 1000s of keywords by applying the same level of diligence.


It is important to decide exactly what your want to achieve with your paid advertising so we can come up with a plan. We then shortlist the keywords that will work best for your campaigns and write ads for maximum impact and set up the ad campaigns accordingly based on pre-defined advertising budgets.


Detailed analytics information is available for tracking ad performance, both on search engines and social networks. We analyze your ads for performance for all keywords and this tracking helps optimize your campaigns and budget so your return on investment is maximized. In fact, we can even track your customers along as they move from click to paid-for sale and optimize the process!


We actively monitor your advertising campaigns and adjust your ads, keywords, budgets, costs-per-click, bids, links and work to continually maintain relevance. You can rely on Arnima for worry-free, professional and effective management of your paid advertising.