ArnimaONE - InboundMarketing System

Stop Struggling with Multiple Vendors: All-In-One Web Presence System

ArnimaONE - InboundMarketing System

We are excited to introduce ArnimaONE.

A lot of our customers have struggled with getting their web presence established. The biggest reason for this struggle is having to work with multiple vendors such as a web design company, content writer/authors, an online marketing company, social marketing specialists, website hosting company, graphics designers and more.

We came up with ArnimaONE to reduce this particular struggle. ArnimaONE is our all-in-one web presence & inbound marketing system that includes everything you need to establish your online presence.

Read about how ArnimaONE helped Tom, one of our customers to stop juggling multiple vendors and focus on his business.

ArnimaONE comes with every one of the following items:

  • A professionally designed and developed website customized to your branding
  • Custom profiles for up to 4 social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Professionally written web page content and stock images, graphics and more
  • Professionally authored blog posts to establish your expertise in your area of work
  • Strategic online marketing (content, social & more) to drive traffic to your website
  • Ongoing SEO to increase the popularity of your website on the internet
  • Regular content (website, blog & other) updates to build visitor engagement
  • Ongoing social updates (posts, tweets, check-ins & updates) as required
  • Visitor conversion, lead tracking and other metrics to capture visitor activity
  • Activity analysis so we can monitor progress and make adjustments as we go along
  • Robust hosting on one of our dedicated or cloud servers including regular backups
  • Ongoing email & phone support and maintenance to make sure all works as needed
  • A free website design makeover every 24 months**

** every 36 months for the starter ArnimaONE package.

Add-ons and Additional Items (not included in the base options) 

  • Email marketing – the gold standard that still works amazingly well
  • Paid search advertising on Google or Yahoo/Bing
  • Paid advertising on social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • E-Commerce – Basic, hosted e-commerce functionality (eg Shopify)
  • Customer contact campaigns – drip email marketing and other options

ArnimaONE Pricing

ArnimaONE pricing starts at $1,000 per month.

With ArnimaONE, you get to sit back and run your business while we take care of your online presence. We take care of it ALL.

Stay tuned.

ArnimaONE is launching on March 09, 2016.