Social Media Marketing

Social networking has integrated itself very deeply into our lives. Billions of people use websites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others to share updates, information, likes, dislikes, and a lot more.
Social Marketing is today’s word of mouth.

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Don’t Neglect Social Media!

There was a time, back in the day, when businesses relied quite a bit on word-of-mouth referrals where satisfied customers would tell friends and family about the excellent service or product they received, essentially driving new customers to these businesses. Social media marketing, in many ways, is similar except these conversations happen on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

A surprisingly large number of businesses are not taking the time to invest in a social media marketing strategy, believing that it doesn’t apply to their business model or that they simply don’t need it. It is interesting to note that these businesses are slowly falling behind those that have a solid social presence.

Are you making the same mistake?

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How Does Social Marketing Work?

People of all demographics are using social networks to:

  • connect with friends and family
  • share photos
  • exchange ideas
  • recommend products and services

And a lot of businesses are still scrambling to catch up, with the hope that they can cash in on social media and improve their customer acquisition, retention, and service.

However, before you start creating social profiles, take the time to understand what social media channels will work for your business and how. And then, work on putting together a solid social strategy before you do any hands-on work.

Regardless of how you proceed with social media marketing, always remember that traditional forms of Internet marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO), paid search & social marketing, email marketing and especially content marketing should continually be part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Don’t rely on a single channel: diversify.

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Ready to Get Started With Your Social Media Strategy?

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Businesses are using social media in new, unprecedented ways. Beyond the word-of-mouth that you get with social media marketing, you can also:


    Today’s customers are empowered. With access to information across a myriad of platforms, they expect companies to give them what they want, how they want it and when they want it. Strategically use your social profiles to understand your customers’ needs.


    Social media channels are a key way for you to interact with your customers and to get valuable feedback. Twitter is an excellent customer service channel, however, unfortunately, it is not properly understood or used by most companies. Break the proverbial “box” and engage your customer!


    Consistency goes a long way! If you build expectations, don’t disappoint your followers. Be regular. Be consistent. And keep your “followers” informed. Remember, they became “followers” because they were interested in your updates. Don’t disappoint them!


    Given time and effort, social updates will reward you with a dedicated following that is interested in your organization and updates. Remember, an engaged and educated customer is your best customer!

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Understand, Evaluate and Implement

Take some time to think about these 4 points as they will help you to build a strategy on how to best use social networking for your business.

Which social sites are best for your organization?
What content and updates you should be posting?
What type of an image you want to present?
Will you be able to commit to regular updates?

Just because everyone is scrambling to “go social” does not mean that you should also “go social” just like that! Before you start, be sure to take time to understand social media marketing and how it works. Next, evaluate various social sites and how they apply to your business and finally implement a social strategy that will get your the most visibility