Content Marketing

Content Marketing is used to create and distribute relevant, valuable and meaningful content to a clearly identified target audience. The long-term goal of content marketing is to attract, educate, engage and transform website visitors into customers.

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The Best Approach

It is best to communicate with your prospects without being “salesy” in a “non-interruptive” manner.

Instead of blatantly pitching your services or products, you deliver meaningful and useful material that educates your prospective client and makes them more informed.

This engages them and can potentially transform them from “prospects” to real clients.


The thought process behind the strategy of content marketing is that an educated customer is a smart customer.

As a business, if we provide consistent, ongoing valuable content to our prospective and current customers, they will be positively influenced because of the value of the material.

And, that, over time, they will get to know us, grow to like us, and trust us enough to select us over our competition.

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The Basics of Content Marketing

How do you deliver great content that will attract and retain loyal customers?  That’s easy. Start thinking like a publisher!

Here is a simple process you can follow to start your content marketing:


    Start by defining your ideal target audience and understanding what material they want and how you will deliver it.


    Develop and publish the content you believe will be the most useful for your target audience.


    Next, deliver the content to your target readers in the way that they really want it.


    Finally, track you activities & measure what you are doing and continually adjust as you go along.

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Your Website is one of 600 million on the Internet.

How will it be Found in Search?

How We Do Content Marketing

Arnima can help you with all your content development and marketing needs. Here is a quick overview of how we handle content marketing:


We start by researching what your “ideal” website visitors want. A quick and easy way to get started is to look at your most successful competitors to see what they are doing. Next, we assemble a bunch of ideas, discuss these with you, finalize the topics and start to put the concepts together. Once we have collected a bunch of ideas that make sense, we start to put the material together. Our goals are to (1) keep the material meaningful (2) keep the style conversational and (3) develop “meaty” content of the right quality and quantity.


Content marketing is not like a coupon or a deal that works immediately. Instead, content marketing is used to build trust and credibility with your audience; however. the content has to provide real value. You may need to answer questions, provide instructions, show illustrations, post videos so that you can inform and educate. It is best to be proactive and and try to preempt what your most interested readers may want to learn about.


Once we have developed your material, we publish it on your website, your blog, your social profiles and other relevant channel that work for your industry. Immediately after we publish the content, we optimize it thoroughly for search engines by using proprietary and other available tools specific to content optimization. We establish a publishing frequency and no matter what, we stick with it. Remember, once your audience becomes used to getting your material, they expect it regularly. Inconsistent delivery can and does lead to disengagement!


Unless we track, measure and analyze the benefits and impact of the content we are developing & publishing, we will not know how well it works and what kinds of results it is generating. We use tools to measure traffic to the published content and how well it is shared on social networks and we continually adjust the process as we go along. This allows us to create a “loop” that helps us improve what we do.

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Educate, Educate & Convert

Successful content marketing takes a simple, 3-step approach. The idea is to educate and inform your website and build engagement that  “converts website visitor to a prospect and then to an actual customer and on to an ardent supporter.

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Information Overload

We are bombarded, day in and day out, with so much that it results in “information overload”. We use DVRs to record shows so advertisements can be skipped. We have become adept at ignoring banners, buttons, special offers and ads on websites. Emails can be flagged with the click of a button to send then into never-never land of spam! Traditional forms of interruptive marketing have lost effectiveness. But, now there is a better way. Content Marketing!

Relevance, Value  & Usefulness

Any content you produce for your marketing efforts has to be relevant, valuable, meaningful and useful. Much of the material thrown at us is “informational” junk delivered by companies that are trying to get our attention so they can pitch their services or products. Most of the times, this material is neither relevant nor valuable. Good content, on the other hand, makes a reader stop…understand…think…and act differently!

Consistency and Regularity

The most important task is to keep your readers engaged. If you publish new content say, every 2 weeks, no matter what happens, stick to that frequency. We are creature of habits and if we don’t get what we expect, sure, we will forgive a couple of lapses but soon enough, we will go elsewhere.