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More and more people are using iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry powered smartphones and tablets to locate information, research products and connect with vendors. While this is an exciting development, it comes with a significant challenge of its own: multiple screen sizes and resolutions. You may be losing website visitors without even knowing it. Do you have a your mobile strategy? Consider the following mobile web solutions.

Responsive vs Dedicated Mobile Websites

The use of mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and other such devices – is growing exponentially. With so many form factors, screen sizes and technologies available, the need for structured mobile web solutions is essential to online success.

Responsive websites are designed and developed to adapt to the screen size of the devices that are used to access them.

Dedicated mobile websites are separate, independently managed websites that exist alongside your desktop, or main website.

So, what is better? A responsive website or a dedicated website?

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Responsive Websites

Your website should provide an optimal experience to your users where it is easy to navigate and view content with minimum re-sizing, pinching, zooming, panning and scrolling across a wide range of devices – from smartphones to tablets to laptops to computer monitors and more. Responsive web sites are developed to adapt to display of the device that is being used to access it. These websites require proper planning for both design & development in order to achieve best results. In most cases, you simply cannot go wrong with a responsive website.

Dedicated Mobile Websites

Websites that were designed for desktop screens were challenging to work with when shrunk to fit smaller screens. The solution was to create separate versions of the desktop websites that were scaled to fit these smaller screens, e.g. Responsive websites can detect the type of device being used to access them and mobile users are automatically redirected to the dedicated mobile website and are well suited for making sure your site is accessible to mobile users. Dedicated mobile websites make sense when your focus is very specific and targeted. For example, e-commerce sites may want to run dedicated mobile websites alongside their desktop versions.

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So, there you have it. There are no hard and fast rules here but you absolutely need a mobile-friendly website.

In fact, as of April 21, 2015, Google announced that websites that are not mobile-friendly and do not offer a good user experience to mobile users may be penalized in search rank.

Mobile Users Account for Over 55% of Web Traffic Today

Do you Have a Mobile Strategy in Place?

Why Cater to Mobile Users?

The number of mobile users is growing very rapidly and currently accounts for about 40% of all internet users.  Mobile users are catching up to desktop users and will eventually surpass them. The bottom line: If your web presence is not mobile-friendly, you are losing ground to your competitors and missing opportunities. It’s that simple.

There are some key differences between mobile users as compared to traditional internet users:

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Mobile Internet users are task-focused. They are on your website for a specific reason. They may be looking for relevant content. Or searching for contact information. Or comparing prices. Or even checking your organization’s consistency on the Internet. If your website is not mobile friendly or if mobile Internet users have to struggle to find what they want, the lose interest quickly. Therefore, a mobile-friendly website is your first step in engaging mobile visitors.


Mobile users have higher conversion rates. Mobile users account for over 40% of all Internet traffic and if you are not offering your products or services via mobile channels, such as mobile-friendly websites, or apps, you stand a much higher chance of losing such potential customers. So, to increase your conversion rates, it is essential that you provide your mobile website visitors with a streamlined approach to information, products and services

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Mobile Marketing is on the rise. Mobile users tend to use mobile websites & apps to research information on the go and are known to engage quicker with higher conversion rates. A less-than-optimal mobile marketing experience shifts the advantage to your competitors that have streamlined mobile web presence which means that you stand to lose potential customers if your mobile presence is perceived as inconvenient.


Be different. Your mobile presence should be optimized for speed and efficient navigation. Not only must your mobile-friendly website or app load fast, it should also be very easy to navigate, especially when compared to your competitors. If you focus on providing an optimal mobile experience to your visitors, you can improve visitor retention and thereby, boost potential conversions.

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Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

Google’s Update will Penalize Websites that are Not Mobile Friendly

Major Mobile Platforms

According to studies conducted over the last three years, the number of mobile users is growing at a tremendous pace and currently at about one-third of the number of desktop users globally. You may be losing ground to your competitors and missing opportunities by not extending your brand to mobile users!

  • Apple iOS

    Apple’s iOS took the world by storm when the iPhone was first launched in June 2007. As of June 2014, Apple sold over 800 Million iOS devices that include iPhones, iPads and iPods.

  • Google’s Android

    Google Android powers devices from many manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola and others. Globally, Android devices command a larger share of the market as compared to iOS & Microsoft Windows.

  • Microsoft Windows

    Windows Mobile is growing steadily and Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia is indicative of this. Windows Mobile carries forward the familiar interface of Windows 8.

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We can assist you in building a brand new mobile website, extending your existing website to the mobile Internet, executing and managing mobile Internet marketing or building a native mobile web app for your platform of choice.

Drive More Traffic to your Mobile Website.

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Mobile Applications (Apps)

Mobile Apps are on fire! With more than 5 billion mobile device users worldwide expected by 2016, it is no wonder! And rightly so. The US alone has more than 320 million mobile subscribers! The Apple App Store is growing at a frenetic pace – according to figures released, the Apple App has some 1.5 million apps available as of July 2015.

Does that mean that you should join the mobile app frenzy? It depends on several factors.

A mobile application is not for everyone, If you are simply looking to extend your web presence to the mobile Internet, it may be more cost effective for your website to be responsive.

A mobile application is specifically designed and developed for specific purposes.

If you are interested in a mobile app but are not 100% sure, contact us and we will help you figure out if it makes sense for your business.

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