Custom Website Design

Custom website design takes your brand, color preferences, industry trends, usability, search engine friendliness into consideration and results in a website that is easy to maintain and operate, looks great and attracts visitors. All our websites are fully responsive.

Custom vs Theme (or Template) Websites

The design of your website is what separates you from your competition. To attract more visitors, your website needs stand out from the crown and needs to be attractive, uncluttered, easy to navigate and simple to understand.

You can have a 100% custom website built from the ground up or you can buy a pre-made website theme or template and use it as it is, or you can have this theme or template customized to give it a more original and distinct look.

The debate of custom versus theme or template websites is ongoing and is quite valid. Here is a look at the merits of both options.


A custom website is designed from the ground up for a unique look and feel and is populated with meaningful and relevant content. It is is built after significant research and analysis so that it suits your branding and business requirements. A custom designed website takes more effort and time more than a theme (or template) because it is specifically built to your requirements and makes your web presence unique. You can liken a custom designed website to a custom home that is properly architected and custom built to suit your exact needs and specifications.


A theme or template-based uses preconfigured package that has most of the common pages already designed. In theory you just need to add content and your website is ready. In reality, it is not as simple as that. You can liken a template-based website to a prefabricated house.  A pre-made website template can be used by multiple people so the creators of the template can offset their investment in building the template. This can result in a look and feel is not 100% unique. Still, theme or template-based websites are highly popular and with the large number of themes available, they can be a great choice.

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Is Your Website Working for You?

How effective is your website? Consider the following to decide whether it’s time for a new website or not.


    Is your website attractive, well-designed and visually appealing? Are you happy with its looks?


    Is your website mobile device friendly? Does it work across all types of devices?


    Is the navigation system clear? Is it easy to find content & information in your website?


    Does your website design follow industry trends? Does it reflect your brand properly?


    Is it easy to manage & update content in your website? Do you need a developer to do this?


    Is your website search engine friendly? Does it rank in search? Are you getting enough traffic?

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How Will Your Website be Found?

How We Build Websites

Custom website design requires a progressive approach that takes into consideration many factors such as current design trends, industry requirements, corporate branding, target audience and more. Here is a look at our website design & development process.

Evaluation & Design

Your website is an extension of your brand onto the Internet and therefore, the design has to be specific to your brand.

  1. We start with an in-depth analysis and evaluation of design, branding and business requirements for your web presence
  2. We create a web presence roadmap that is used to drive the entire web presence project forward
  3. Our designers create custom design samples for your home and internal pages and present them to you for review
  4. Upon receiving your feedback, we incorporate your changes into the selected designs and present them to you once again
  5. This feedback process repeats until all changes has been received and incorporated and final design approval is obtained

Development & Build-Out

Once a design is approved, we start the development process. All our websites are developed to be fully responsive.

  1. Development space is provisioned on one of our development servers and a dedicated URL is created for your website
  2. Responsive development tools, guidelines and frameworks are incorporated into the development process as required
  3. If a dedicated mobile website is part of the project, the process is adjusted accordingly and a mobile URL is also setup
  4. Required development framework (content management, e-commerce, app development or other) is set up on the server
  5. Design files are prepared for the development team by converting them into elements that can be incorporated into code
  6. Specific milestones are established and regular feedback is provided via our project management portal


Depending on the complexity of the website project, some (or all) of the following steps may, or may not apply:

  1. Custom functionality & development are incorporated into your website depending on project specifications
  2. Responsive development frameworks are also finalized and incorporated into the website at this point
  3. If required, database development happens during this stage and the database is also integrated into the website
  4. Framework integration is also taken care of in this stage – whether it is content management, e-commerce or other
  5. Our developers works with our quality assurance team to test and resolve defects (developer & unit testing)

Go-Live Deployment

The go-live deployment process

  1. The development website is completed and is put through rigorous quality assurance to eliminate bugs and defects
  2. We check operation on Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile as well as Linux, Windows 7,8 & 10 and Apple OS X
  3. We make sure the website works across all types of devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktop computers
  4. The website is then presented to you for user testing and elimination of bugs discovered by during that process
  5. Website hosting space is provisioned on your web server or on ours, depending on whether you plan to host with us
  6. The website is deployed to the live web server and is but through a battery of tests to make sure all works well!

Support & Maintenance

Rest Easy, we have a robust support, website maintenance and change management process after your website is live!

  1. We provide a comprehensive post-completion warranty that covers  bugs and defects discovered after the website “goes live”
  2. Our support team is available to help address any issues or problems that may be discovered after your website is launched
  3. We have a unique no-contract maintenance program to help you keep your website operating in tip-top shape
  4. Our change management and enhancement process is also designed to allow you to update and enhanced your site as needed

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