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Why You Absolutely Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

A mobile-friendly website is essential in this day and age. We did a quick study and found that a large percentage (about 50%) of clients at Arnima Design still have older websites that are non-mobile device friendly. We then checked outside their client base. We found that an even larger percentage (close to 65%) of websites […]

Stop Struggling with Multiple Vendors: All-In-One Web Presence System

We are excited to introduce ArnimaONE. A lot of our customers have struggled with getting their web presence established. The biggest reason for this struggle is having to work with multiple vendors such as a web design company, content writer/authors, an online marketing company, social marketing specialists, website hosting company, graphics designers and more. We came […]

Why You Should Never Take Yelp Reviews Seriously

Some Background One of our ex-clients from over 10 years ago (circa 2005) posted a negative review about our company on Yelp back in late 2014. The first reaction was one of dismay. How the heck did we end up with such a review, and that too on Yelp? We decided to let emotions settle […]