Creative Newsletter Marketing

Creative Newsletter Marketing

Many businesses think that once they have built their opt-in lists, all they have to do is wait for customers to literally break their doors down for their product or service. Well, that’s not quite the case. In order to really acquire loyal customers, you need to communicate with them on a constant basis and offer them something of value.

Remember the old adage, what’s in it for me?

As long as you have your customers best interest in mind, you can win your their loyalty for your business.

Here’s how you can leverage creative newsletter marketing:

1. Offer valuable, rich content.
Don’t just throw subscribers a couple of bones, but give them solid information that they can actually use that would want them to read next month’s issue.

2. Create a theme and a name.
Create a newsletter that is meaningful and positions your company as a trusted source of information. Instead of cluttering your newsletter with everything you’ve done the past few month, choose a theme and a name that frames your information and grabs attention.

3. Keep it simple.
Keep your newsletter brief, but offer solid, valuable content. If you make it too long or stuffed with too much information, chances are that clients won’t read it all. Go for a readable length of around 1 to 3 pages, including a response area.  You can even use a dedicated blog to house your newsletters.

4. Call to action.
Always place a call to action, be it a request for more details, the option to place an order, a survey, etc. If you ask something from your clients, they are more likely to respond. This works in most industries as long as you offer a product or service that your customers would want.

5. Be Viral.
Use e-mail forwarding. Encourage your customers to share your newsletter with others who may be interested in what you’re offering. Make it easy for new visitors to subscribe through a link in each issue of your newsletter

There are many services that offer email & newsletter marketing services. One of our favorites is MailChimp. And the next favorite is MyEmma.