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Pitfalls of Cheap SEO & Social Media Labor

Just wanted to share a blog post that appeared last week on Search Engine Land that talks about the dangers of cheap Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Expertise. This is something that several of our customers have already pointed out before they came to us: they experienced search engine penalties, loss in rank […]

Can a Website be Over-Optimized?

Before we jump into the main topic, let us take a moment to refresh our memory. Website optimization for search engines (SEO) is an ongoing process whereby a series of activities take place over time to improve a website’s search engine rank. Some (not all) of the activities included in website optimization include: -building inbound links […]

Affected by the Google Penguin Update?

Has your website and organic search engine rank been affected by Google’s recent Penguin Update? The Penguin update was released in late April 2012 and has impacted a significant number of web properties. Read the official blog post on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog. Google is continually working to create a relevant and credible search experience […]