The Mobile Web Comes of Age

	 The Mobile Web Comes of Age

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According to a report by the BBC, as of the writing of this article, there is a 25% increase in the number of people accessing the internet from mobile devices. This huge increase has been made possible largely because wireless access technologies have advanced. The mobile web comes of age!

The iPhone is the first mobile phone to give users an enjoyable internet experience that is also easy to use. iPhone allows you to access the internet anytime, anywhere and without limitations from your mobile carrier or content restrictions like text scaled down to fit the screen.

RIM’s Blackberry is also gaining popularity in the smartphone arena. You can accomplish a large number of tasks required by modern day business: accessing the internet and checking your e-mail account in real-time anywhere and anytime using powerful GPRS and EDGE technologies that use embedded Web browsers.

Nokia phones are also storming into the market and some Nokia phones have a Blacbkerry Client built into the operating system that allows them to leverage RIM’s (Research In Motion) extremely reliable infrastructure.
There are three main operating systems used on mobile phones. Symbian OS has been designed for Nokia Smart Phones, the Palm OS for PDAs and Windows Mobile.

The Apple iPhone uses a version of Apple OS X, but this is the only phone that does so and it does not have complete smart phone functions…yet.

Windows Mobile is a more intuitive system to use on your mobile phone. The system connects easily with your PC and includes many useful tools, as well as first-class entertainment functions through Windows Media Player.

If you are planning to do business over the internet, it is a great time now, especially if you are willing to cater to mobile device users. The best way to start with this is to have a version of your website specially developed for mobile device users and have it format properly when a mobile device accesses your website.

So, which Mobile platform do you use?