The Evolution of an SEO Specialist

The Evolution of an SEO Specialist

Over the last 10 years or so, the role of a traditional SEO (search engine optimization) specialist has evolved to the point where the original sets of responsibilities no longer apply.

The role of an SEO specialist has transformed to that of a Web Presence Specialist; there is much more that has to be taken into consideration for a website to rank properly in search engine results. This is even more true over the last 3 years, or so.

What used to be a small set of responsibilities has grown to a fairly large and exhaustive list of tactical and strategic tasks.

From about 2004 to about 2009, our SEO specialists focused on 4 to 5 key areas as illustrated by the following graphic:


And now, in 2011, an SEO Specialist, rather a Web Presence Specialist, has to account for a whole lot more, as shown in this graphic:


For those in the SEO field, this represents a fundamental shift in the thought and implementation process. What used to be a (relatively) simple set of responsibilities has now grown to significantly larger set of tasks.  At Arnima, a Florida SEO company, we strive to continually keep on top of the evolution of search engine optimization and this allows us to continually adjust our SEO services to obtain the best results for our clients.

Please note that the actual list of tasks is much more exhaustive than what is displayed above. The above list is simplified to cover the essential elements of optimization from a macro perspective.