What is Article Syndication and How to Use It?


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Article syndication is the process of distributing articles for simultaneous publication on a number of websites and article directories.

Articles provide a chance to share information and establish yourself as an expert and create opportunities for you to direct new traffic to your website, establish new links into your website, and provide fresh and relevant content for both your visitors and search engines, which results in higher ranking.

How does Article Syndication work?

-you write an interesting and valuable article
-you then find a service that will provide article syndication
-find sources where you can market the articles yourself
-post your article on your site and wait a few days to make sure the web spiders index your page
-create accounts at the article sources you found and start submitting your articles
-follow syndication guidelines (if they allow HTML editing, require unique content that hasn’t been published before, require the articles to be on your own page, allow multiple submissions per month etc.)

Here are some benefits of Article Syndication:

Brand Awareness
Publishing articles to multiple article directories boosts your online visibility. You have your own name/company name in the anchor text, which makes you more popular to the audience

Obtain Higher Rankings
Keyword-rich articles are a sure way to improve your incoming links and improve your search engine rankings.

Longer Life Span
Articles posted in directories are rarely removed. The fact that articles written have a much longer life span shows just how important this marketing tool can be.

Direct Traffic
The articles posted on article directories are a great way to get direct traffic to your website. Plus, the readers click through to your website, bringing you getting valuable targeted traffic to your website.

There are many such resources available such as: Outbrain, Zemanta, Simple Reach and many more.

What has your experience been when using article syndication?

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