10 Valuable Internet Marketing Tips


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You can attract more visitors to your website, increase your sales and boost your company brand.

Here are 10 Internet marketing tips to get you rolling:

1. Start with Effective Web Presence – If you don’t have a website, find a company that fully understands web presence requirements, and not just website design and development and work with them to establish your presence on the Internet

2. Web Marketing Strategy – Work with your web presence company to create a solid web marketing strategy that fits in with your overall marketing strategy. Understand your products or services and your competition and then work to make your brand stand out

3. Work on Retting Ranked Naturally (Organically) – On major search engines using proper and ethical Search Engine Optimization. Remember, a natural rank is a strong indicator of credibility. Always follow proper and ethical SEO techniques. Stay well away from nefarious SEO practitioners

4. Paid Advertising – Jump start your Internet marketing using paid advertising (pay-per-click and such) via major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing. Paid advertising gets you in front of your prospects in short order.

5. Leverage Email Marketing  – Build an opt-in email list that you can use for targeted email marketing by sending special offers, newsletters and other material. Guard this list with your life and use it often and use it effectively

6. Use Affiliate Marketing – Become a dominating player in your industry and your niche by leveraging affiliate, reseller and associate marketing programs and work on building partnerships with complementary and supplementary providers to enhance your marketing channels

7. Publish Articles & Content – Relevant articles, case studies and white papers are an effective way to boost your credibility on the Internet – they help you become established as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) over time and that positively impacts your web presence

8. Publish Press Releases – Create and publish targeted and relevant press releases about your business to spread the word about your services or products via various news and PR channels/publishers on the Internet and make sure to provide an RSS feed so syndication websites can pick up your press releases

9. Blog Regularly – Create and maintain a blog to interact with your website visitors. A blog is one of the most effective ways to continually communicate with your visitors and keep them informed and educated about your services, products and important details about your company

10. Be Social – Understand and leverage Social Media by using Content Sharing, Content Publishing and Social Networking. An effective Social Media Marketing Strategy is sure to augment your Internet marketing strategy. We will be posting more details about Social Media Marketing in the near future.

Have you used any of these techniques? If yes, what has been your experience? Are there any internet marketing tips that you would like to share?